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The Dreadful Mumpsimus

A note in an Analog science fiction magazine from the 1960’s referred to the word “mumpsimus” as a word that doesn’t mean what people are likely to think. And what a delightful word it is: mumpsimus noun ( pl. -muses) A traditional custom or … Continue reading

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Biblical Archaeology Goes Scientific

An interesting report on technological progress in Biblical archaeology in Science magazine, on the American Schools Of Oriental Research Annual Meeting: At the meeting, a series of biblical archaeologists came to the podium for 2 hours of data-rich presentations—and put their … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged Movie At Last?

After decades of hope and many aborted attempts, it looks like a movie version of Ayn Rand’s monumental novel Atlas Shrugged is finally being made. Check out the interview with the producer, John Aglialoro. Like Lord of the Rings, it … Continue reading

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Political Scientists

I came upon this description of scientists’ fearful response to the recent U.S. Elections: Researchers Anxious and on the Defensive After Republican Gains Many researchers fear the worst after a Republican resurgence at the polls produced a 25-plus-seat majority in … Continue reading

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