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Passengers. An interesting and engaging movie. Not entirely without its flaws, but I consider them minor and not grating enough to ruin the movie, as is sometimes the case. Rare for a “major movie”, it is not merely an interesting story … Continue reading

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The Caped Marauders

Another movie available during our recent globe-trotting was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I wasn’t expecting too much from this movie, but the trailers looked like it had potential and I was in the mood for some excitement, so decided to give … Continue reading

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Eye in the Sky

One of the bonuses of international air travel, especially if you have a busy life, is the option of seeing movies you normally wouldn’t get around to watching. Sometimes the experience is one you’d rather have gone with out. Other times, … Continue reading

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Django Unhinged

Well, the premise sounded interesting, with an escaped slave teaming up with an anti-slavery white guy to seek his girl and justice. But with Tarantino involved, I guess I should have known better. I suppose if you like mindless violence … Continue reading

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The Lone Ranger

The ads for The Lone Ranger didn’t inspire me and Johnny Depp hamming it up as a terribly over-made-up Tonto almost turned me off from watching, but the movie was surprisingly enjoyable. As usual we can’t expect too much from … Continue reading

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I expected The Great Gatsby (2013 version) to be at least elegant and exciting. Unfortunately it is more like a visual essay on what is wrong with modern art. I’m not talking about the director’s irritating visual mannerisms (the zooms, the peculiar … Continue reading

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Research to Reality on TV

As part of National Science Week is a TV series “From Research to Reality”. The first 3 episodes have gone to air already and have been really well received. (WiT (Women in Technology) is featured in one of the episodes.) The Challenge … Continue reading

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Feared, Hated and Adored

“Feared, hated and adored” is what Kzinti cubs feel about their fathers (Kzin are intelligent carnivores invented by science fiction writer Larry Niven), and I can’t think of a better description of people’s attitude to Ayn Rand – though not usually in … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged Movie At Last?

After decades of hope and many aborted attempts, it looks like a movie version of Ayn Rand’s monumental novel Atlas Shrugged is finally being made. Check out the interview with the producer, John Aglialoro. Like Lord of the Rings, it … Continue reading

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