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The Homer Simpson Media

Fans of The Simpsons will know that one of Homer Simpson’s signature moves is when he is in the middle of something serious, he gets distracted by a bird or something, yells “Oooh! Birdie!” then runs outside chasing it around … Continue reading

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Eye in the Sky

One of the bonuses of international air travel, especially if you have a busy life, is the option of seeing movies you normally wouldn’t get around to watching. Sometimes the experience is one you’d rather have gone with out. Other times, … Continue reading

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Abortion Rights

In an earlier article I have argued for a woman’s absolute right to abort her embryo or foetus. This was based on the fundamental principle that the origin of rights is not a human shape or a human genome, but the … Continue reading

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Whose God is Real?

The recent attacks on USA embassies by Islamists who cannot handle the thought that someone might <gasp> mock their irrational beliefs in a <gasp> film without being shot made me wonder: maybe we should just settle this by the traditional means. … Continue reading

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Rational Rioting

A recent Scientific American article on the British riots claimed that “contrary to popular wisdom, mobs are not mindless. In fact, they act rationally—a characteristic that suggests ways to prevent riots.” If you go through the reasoning, what it amounts … Continue reading

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Suicides, iPhones and Numbers

A recent New Scientist article mentioned the problem the company that makes Apple’s iPhones etc had a while ago, where they got into trouble because of a “spate” of suicides among their workers, blamed, of course, on the company. It went on … Continue reading

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Scientific Myopia

Science reports: Figuring Out What the Debt Agreement Means for Science As the ink dried last week on the hard-fought budget agreement between the Obama Administration and Congress that raised the U.S. debt ceiling to avert a government default, federal … Continue reading

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Stem Cell Victory

Good news on the stem cell front, a US judge has finally ruled that federal funding for research with human embryonic stem cells (hESC) is legal. Two scientists, of all people, had sued on the grounds that funding the research … Continue reading

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Stem Cell Ban Lifted – For Now

Good recent news is the sensible decision by a US Appeals Court overturning an injunction that barred the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from funding research using human embryonic stem cells. Good as far as it goes, but it doesn’t put a … Continue reading

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Political Animals

Scientific American reports: Scientists want politics kept out of endangered species decisions Some 1,293 scientists have sent a letter to each and every U.S. senator urging them not to support any endangered species legislation that is based on politics rather … Continue reading

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