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A Night at the Synagogue

Two of our daughter’s friends were having their Bat Mitzvah (the female version of the better known Jewish Bar Mitzvah coming of age ceremony, normally held when they are 12), to be held on the Sabbath at a Jewish Orthodox … Continue reading

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Whose God is Real?

The recent attacks on USA embassies by Islamists who cannot handle the thought that someone might <gasp> mock their irrational beliefs in a <gasp> film without being shot made me wonder: maybe we should just settle this by the traditional means. … Continue reading

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Nothing Will Come of Nothing

There is a surprisingly unskeptical review in eSkeptic of Lawrence Krauss’s A Universe from Nothing. As an atheist I applaud Krauss’s intent to address attempts to prove the existence of a God by the “well, where did the Universe come from, … Continue reading

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The One True God

I was travelling along the road to Helensvale the other day when a bright light did shine upon me from Heaven and a voice as thunder spoke to me: “Hear the words of the One True God!” Then I was … Continue reading

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Lies, Damned Lies and Creationism

This is the gist of my recent reply to a post on Objectivism Online about debating creationists, which thought might be of interest to others who encounter those pesky creatures: Arguing with creationists – that way lies madness. Many years ago I … Continue reading

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A Theist Review

I came across an interesting review of The Australian Book of Atheism recently, from a Catholic perspective by Frank Mobbs. The review is thoughtful (he actually read the book!) but naturally critical. My fellow contributors can answer for themselves, but the … Continue reading

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Out of their Own Mouths

An interesting article on the religious and supernatural implications of the Harry Potter series from eSkeptic reports this concerning witchcraft: Other Protestant critics have been even less forgiving; a woman in the documentary film Jesus Camp said, “Had it been … Continue reading

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Creationist Nation

The April 2011 edition of Australasian Science reports on a survey showing that the majority of Australian adults reject evolution in favour of some form of creationism, either outright special creation or evolution guided by God. I don’t think it … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand Versus Philosophy

As the “is-ought problem” in philosophy is the unifying thread in my chapter “Good Without God” in The Australian Book of Atheism, I thought I’d check out what Wikipedia has to say on the topic. A jarring omission was – no … Continue reading

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The Dreadful Mumpsimus

A note in an Analog science fiction magazine from the 1960’s referred to the word “mumpsimus” as a word that doesn’t mean what people are likely to think. And what a delightful word it is: mumpsimus noun ( pl. -muses) A traditional custom or … Continue reading

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