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Abortion Rights

In an earlier article I have argued for a woman’s absolute right to abort her embryo or foetus. This was based on the fundamental principle that the origin of rights is not a human shape or a human genome, but the … Continue reading

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Free Will Forever

Continuing the grand tradition begun by the behaviourists of attempting to use the science of the mind to banish free will is Sam Harris’ opinion piece Free will is an illusion – and must be exposed (he also develops this theme … Continue reading

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Rational Rioting

A recent Scientific American article on the British riots claimed that “contrary to popular wisdom, mobs are not mindless. In fact, they act rationally—a characteristic that suggests ways to prevent riots.” If you go through the reasoning, what it amounts … Continue reading

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Through a Glass, Half Empty

An interesting report from The Scientist: Chronic diseases world’s no. 1 killer Chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are now the biggest killers around the world, a new report by the World Health Organization found. Accounting for … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand identified the “package deal” as one of the deadly errors of thinking: combining opposites into the one concept, thus hopelessly confusing thinking. It is at its worst in ethical issues, where something good is conflated with something bad: … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand Versus Philosophy

As the “is-ought problem” in philosophy is the unifying thread in my chapter “Good Without God” in The Australian Book of Atheism, I thought I’d check out what Wikipedia has to say on the topic. A jarring omission was – no … Continue reading

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