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Monthly Philosophy Evenings

We run monthly philosophy afternoons (northern Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia), usually on the 4th Saturday of each month starting at 5:00 PM and continuing until "whenever". However, as it's "usually", please check before attending if you have not received an invitation.

Most of the evening is free form and you can discuss anything of a philosophical, scientific or religious nature. There is usually also a topic which we discuss as a group at around 7 pm.


  1. Your brain
  2. Brilliant philosophical insights welcome but not mandatory
  3. Some food to share for nibbles &/or dinner
  4. Whatever you want to drink
  5. Dressing in costume and/or bringing artifacts related to the topic is encouraged.

Contact us for details and/or to be added to our invitation mailing list.

Brisbane Ayn Rand Meetup

We periodically attend the Brisbane Ayn Rand Meetup. If you're interested in the topics on this site or in learning more about the philosophy of Ayn Rand, or you are an Ayn Rand fan from Brisbane-Gold Coast or environs looking for some stimulating company, check it out and come along!

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