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Steel, Titanium and Guilt

steel books1-500The first three books of my Just Hunter near future science fiction series are now available in a single trilogy volume: Steel, Titanium and Guilt, at a significant discount compared to buying them separately!

Steel, Titanium and Guilt brings together in one volume the first three books of the Just Hunter series: Frankensteel, The Geneh War and Time Enough for Killing. If you like exciting plots, intriguing scientific mysteries and strong, engaging characters - and you like to think - you won’t be able to put these books down…

It is the near future, and in the conflict between advancing high technology and those who want to stop it, the world’s first thinking robot escapes the men who come to destroy it. The robot becomes known as Frankensteel, and is pursued by leading detective Miriam Hunter, despite her doubts of the justice of her cause, until the inevitable violent climax.

Ten years earlier we again meet Miriam Hunter, then at the start of her career. A string of strange burglaries lead her to suspect the existence of a genetically engineered human, though such creatures have been banned for decades under penalty of death. Her pursuit of the geneh through a tangle of contradictory clues leads her into a world of political secrets and corruption, until eventually she must face her own decisions of life, death and justice.

We return to six months after the events in Frankensteel. Miriam is on the trail of some mysterious disappearances in another city, when her car plunges into the ocean. Then in a far country, a deadly war robot is about to kill a young woman, when something she says stops it in its tracks. As the robot seeks to understand its nature, and perhaps achieve redemption, Miriam’s friends seek to unravel the mystery of her death. As the threads of these quests intertwine and come together, it becomes a race against time and hidden enemies to discover the truth before all is lost.

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